Illuminate Your Home with the Eddis - Rustic 4-Light Adjustable Height Convertible Chandelier

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If you're looking to add a touch of rustic charm and elegance to your home, the Eddis 4-Light Adjustable Height Convertible Chandelier is the perfect choice. This versatile lighting fixture can be used as a ceiling light or a chandelier, making it a stunning addition to any room. With its retro wood-like metal anchor design and beautiful country-style appearance, the Eddis chandelier is sure to capture the attention of anyone who enters your home.

A Unique Design

The Eddis chandelier features four anchor frames that connect to four black candle-shaped lamps and a cup at the bottom. The open geometric shapes form a farmhouse and modern style, creating a striking visual effect. When you turn on the light, the chandelier reflects the shadow of the anchor metal frame and the E12 candle-shaped bulbs, filling your house with art and attraction.

Functionality and Convenience

One of the standout features of this chandelier is its practicality. The ceiling of the 4-light hallway lamps uses an open frame design, allowing the decorative bulbs to be clearly seen. This not only adds to the chandelier's aesthetic appeal but also makes it easier to replace the bulbs when needed.

Stylish and Versatile

The Eddis chandelier is designed to complement a variety of interior styles. It combines faux wood and oil-frosted metal finishes, smooth lines, and a retro anchor design to create a rustic farmhouse look. Whether you place it in your bedroom, hallway, entryway, kitchen, dining room, or living room, it will enhance the overall ambiance of the space.

Key Specifications

  • Material: Wood, Metal
  • Style: Farmhouse, Retro
  • Includes Bulbs: Yes
  • Base Type: E14
  • Certification: CE, CCC, UL
  • Lighting Area: >30 square meters
  • Number of Lights: 4
  • Maximum Supported Wattage: 40 Watts
  • Screen Material: Metal
  • Power Source: AC


The Eddis 4-Light Adjustable Height Convertible Chandelier is more than just a lighting fixture; it's a statement piece that adds character and warmth to your home. With its unique design, practical features, and compatibility with various interior styles, it's a must-have for anyone looking to elevate their home decor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Eddis chandelier easy to install?

  • Yes, the Eddis chandelier comes with easy-to-follow installation instructions.

2. What type of bulbs does it use?

  • The chandelier uses E12 candle-shaped bulbs, and they are included.

3. Can I adjust the height of the chandelier?

  • Yes, the chandelier is adjustable to suit your space.

4. Is it suitable for large rooms?

  • The Eddis chandelier is designed for spaces with a lighting area of over 30 square meters.

5. Is it compatible with dimmer switches?

  • Yes, you can use dimmer switches to control the brightness of the chandelier.

Written by Marlyne Davis