Haakon - White Resin Wall Lamp with Wrought Iron

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Lighting plays a pivotal role in shaping the ambiance of any space, and the Haakon White Resin Wall Lamp stands as a testament to sophistication, blending wrought iron and high-quality resin to create a stunning visual and functional masterpiece.

Introduction to the Haakon White Resin Wall Lamp

Crafted with precision and elegance, the Haakon White Resin Wall Lamp is a captivating addition to any environment. Its pristine white hue not only exudes purity but also complements various interior design styles.

Design and Material

What makes this lamp truly exceptional is its ingenious fusion of wrought iron and high-quality resin. This combination not only ensures durability but also adds a touch of finesse to its appearance. Furthermore, its certifications—CCC, RoHS, and CE—underscore its commitment to safety and top-notch quality.

Versatility and Ideal Spaces

Whether it's the living room, dining room, study, bedroom, restaurant, cafe, bar, stairwell, or loft, the Haakon lamp seamlessly integrates into any setting. Its adaptability and elegance make it a versatile choice for diverse spaces.

Dimensions and Lighting Area

Measuring 35*40cm, this lamp strikes the perfect balance between size and impact. Covering a lighting area of 2-3 square meters, it ensures adequate illumination while not overpowering the space.

Convenience and Installation

Equipped with a touch On/Off switch, operating this lamp is a breeze. Powered by an AC source within the range of 90-260V and featuring a wedge base type, installation becomes hassle-free, saving both time and effort.

Included Features and Performance

One of the notable conveniences is the inclusion of bulbs, allowing immediate setup and use. However, it's essential to note that while lacking smart device capabilities or dimmable features, its enduring design and reliable performance make it a valuable lighting solution.

Enhancing Décor and Functionality

Imbue your space with elegance and functionality by incorporating the Haakon White Resin Wall Lamp. It's not just a source of light; it's a statement piece that effortlessly blends into any decor while providing illumination that complements your lifestyle.


In a world where lighting serves as both a functional necessity and an aesthetic enhancer, the Haakon White Resin Wall Lamp emerges as a versatile, elegant, and reliable option. Its amalgamation of materials, commitment to quality, and adaptability make it a choice worth considering.


  1. Is the Haakon lamp suitable for outdoor use? The Haakon White Resin Wall Lamp is designed for indoor spaces.
  2. Can this lamp be used with a dimmer switch? No, it doesn’t have dimmable features.
  3. Are replacement bulbs readily available? Yes, replacement bulbs are easily accessible.
  4. Does it require professional installation? No, the lamp can be installed without professional assistance.
  5. Can this lamp be painted to match a specific color scheme? Altering the lamp's color may affect its performance and is not recommended.

Written by Marlyne Davis